Due to the current Covid restrictions, and the very small chance of trick or treating happening this year people are going making sure there is still plenty of the local children to go out and see. Whilst I have access to a laser cutter I am not the best at design, but a quick shop around Etsy and I found some images in SVG format1 that fit the bill.

A quick tidy-up and adding a tab for a base in Inkscape and it was over the laser cutter for a test.

Pumpkin Standup

I sprayed them with matt lacquer to help them survive outside, but I don’t expect them to last that long in the rain.

Out of my A4 sheets of ply I had some offcuts so a bit of scaling and cutting later and a set of fairy-lights, and some “pegs”2 I had laying around also led to this.

Pumpkin Lights